About Token

Token BBL is the native currency of the game created on the BSC network following the BEP-20 standards. It allows Token holders to play, collect and invest. Our initial and maximum supply is an amount of 48 million BBL tokens.
BSC: Binance Smart Chain is a generalist blockchain platform ready to deploy smart contracts.
The BBL Token contract and its details can be found at BSCScan via the following link Oficial Contract: 0x8800E9902879AC7fB9823086d1749030C9a5EB91
xBBL is the token INSIDE Basketball Legends Game. 

Its value is always: 1 xBBL = 1 BBL
he xBBL was created to make the game more profitable and decrease the spends with GAS on transactions direclty on BLOCKCHAIN. 

xBBL let people make transactions INSIDE the game without spending GAS keeping the game faster and fun.