About the Game

To begin your journey into the world of Basketball Legends, you will need to acquire the NFT from at least 1 (one) coach and 2 (two) players. The game begins on small basketball courts located on the outskirts of the city called "Basketball City". On these courts are the novice players, who play matches in the arenas called "Street #01". In "Street #01" arenas, two players and a coach are required to be able to play PvE matches. Players and coaches will have a performance that allows you to play up to 4 matches daily, and can extend up to 8 matches consuming the ''Energy drink ultra''. Between each match players need to rest for 7 minutes to regain their stamina or consume the ''Energy drink'' to be able to play matches in a row without having any onus in their performance.
When starting the match, the user will have to choose the positions of their players to get better chances to overcome their opponent.
The positions available on the court will be: Point guard, Point Guard, Wing, Pivot Wing, Pivot.
Note: In the case of matches in arenas "Street #01", only two positions will appear available with one of the five possibilities in each location.
In addition to the positions, the user will also have to choose the skill that each player will develop. The available skills will be: Dribbling, Passing, Assist, Rebound, Dunk, Block, Defense and Pitch.
In matches the user will have a variable chance of victory that will depend on the positioning of the players as well as their skills.
Mr. Jordan, Mayor of Basketball City, announced that the new arenas are already under construction. That way, teams will be able to train and play in the new "Street #02" arenas. More details will be available soon.
UPDATE 18, Jan, 2022 - Added Champion Tickets (CT) - They can be used to purchase the Champion Box and new in-game items!
- Champion Box: The player will be able to open a Champion Box and have chances to receive rewards: Energy Drink Stamina, Champion Tickets, Energy Drink Ultra from Plays and xBBL.